Season 5
The Odd Couple
22 EPISODES • 1974
Season 5 of The Odd Couple was released on September 12 and consists of 22 episodes.

Season 4


1: The Rain in Spain
Sep 12, 1974
Oscar's secretary is upset over the loss of her errant beau.
2: To Bowl or Not to Bowl
Sep 19, 1974
Felix drops a bombshell when he refuses to participate in the championship bowling match.
3: The Frog
Sep 26, 1974
Oscar loses Leonard's entry in a frog-jumping event.
4: The Hollywood Story
Oct 3, 1974
Felix becomes Oscar's agent, who lands a bit part in a movie.
5: The Dog Story
Oct 10, 1974
Felix abducts Silver the Canine Wonder from a bad agent.
6: Strike Up the Band or Else
Oct 17, 1974
After losing $500 to Billy Bob Babcock in a poker game, Oscar only gets 24 hours to pay up.
7: The Odd Candidate
Oct 24, 1974
Felix enters Oscar in an election against an incumbent city councilman.
8: The Subway Story
Oct 31, 1974
Felix tries to convince Oscar that New York City is a fun place to live.
9: The Paul Williams Show
Nov 7, 1974
Felix gets very serious and stiff competition trying to get his daughter's attention when Paul Williams arrives in town.
10: Our Fathers
Nov 21, 1974
Flashback Episode: Felix's chance meeting between his and Oscar's fathers.
11: The Big Broadcast
Nov 28, 1974
After Oscar takes a job as a radio host, Felix comes up with his own ideas to boost the ratings.
12: Oscar in Love
Dec 12, 1974
Oscar wants to be a family man.
13: The Bigger They Are
Dec 14, 1974
Oscar is volunteered by Felix to model for a series of weight-loss advertisements.
14: Two on the Aisle
Dec 19, 1974
Oscar must fill in for the newspaper's theater critic, who is on vacation, but has trouble understanding the titles, let alone the plays.
15: Your Mother Wears Army Boots
Jan 16, 1975
Felix helps Oscar get a job with Howard Cosell.
16: Felix the Horse Player
Jan 23, 1975
Oscar wins a lot at the track -- with help from a friend's tips. Wanna guess?
17: The Rent Strike
Jan 31, 1975
Felix starts a picket line with his fellow tenants over high rent rates.
18: Two Men on a Hoarse
Feb 7, 1975
Oscar resists throat surgery, so Felix keeps nagging him to have it.
19: The Roy Clark Show
Feb 14, 1975
Oscar's old Army buddy visits, and his musical talent impresses Felix.
20: Old Flames Never Die
Feb 21, 1975
Felix is upset when he learns that his high school girlfriend is now a grandmother.
21: Laugh, Clown, Laugh
Feb 28, 1975
Felix is jealous when Oscar and Richard Dawson are selected to be co-hosts of a TV show.
22: Felix Remarries
Mar 7, 1975
After being kicked out of his apartment five years earlier, Felix convices his ex-wife that they should remarry. She accepts and they are married. All of a sudden, Oscar Madison is alone, again.
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