Season 4
Laverne & Shirley
24 EPISODES • 1978
Season 4 of Laverne & Shirley was released on September 5 and consists of 24 episodes.

Season 3


1: Festival (1)
Sep 5, 1978
The girls go to New York to visit all of Laverne's relatives and to attend the Italian festival. Laverne's Grandmother, Frank's mother takes a liking to Squiggy and treats him like a son.
2: Festival (2)
Sep 12, 1978
Frank tries to win the climbing the greased pole contest so he can win a trip to Italy for his mother.
3: Playing the Roxy
Sep 19, 1978
Laverne comes out the bedroom wearing only her slip and reading a magazine about a stripper named Roxy's adentures. It turns out that Shirley has read the article and when Laverne is about to go outside to collect the mail, Shirley gives Laverne a telling off for wearing only her slip outside. So she goes to collect the mail. Lenny and Squiggy appear wearing their new lodge hats, The Order Of The Bass, and then tell Laverne that Shirley is taking a nap outstide at the bottom of the stairs. Shirley has fallen and hit her head and now thinks she is Roxy from the magazine. She then shows a complete change in her persoanlity as she practices bumps and grinds. Carmine thinks he'll have more luck with Roxy and chats her up just as Laverne tells him to leave. Later when Shirley/Roxy is all alone, Lenny and Squiggy arrive and try to get Roxy to strip. She says she will if it's at a mens club and she gets paid, so they arrange for her to strip at their lodge's big party. Laverne comes home late
4: The Robbery
Sep 26, 1978
Out for kicks, Laverne teams up with a tough guy who commits a crime. Laverne's date with Jake of the Purple Fiends goes sour when he robs a grocery store.
5: The Quiz Show
Oct 10, 1978
The gang attend ""Be Silly For Dollars"". Carmine got the tickets & wanted to be a contestant. Shecky the host comes to the audience to select contestants. He first picks Lenny & Squiggy who aren't too interested. Then as he's about to select Carmine, Laverne & Shirley start jumping up & down & he selects them instead. On the game show, Lenny & Squiggy appear first. They answer a hard stumper correctly & model Irma comes out displaying a salami they won. Shecky tempts them with living room furniture, but they decide to take the salami! Laverne & Shirley appear next. They miss the question & have to do a silly stunt. They had two minutes to dress each other blindfoldedly which they succussfully do. Irma tells them they won a trip to Appliance Street! Shecky tells them they could either take the oven or appliance potpourri. After squabbling & arguing, the lucky buzzer sounds! Shecky invites them back next week. At home, Laverne's father wants them to wear some silly clothing pr
6: Laverne and Shirley Go to Night School
Oct 17, 1978
Shirley wants to become a medical assistant, and wants reluctant Laverne to go to night school with her.
7: Date with Eraserhead
Oct 24, 1978
Shirley has a blind date with Eraserhead and it isn't quite what she had in mind.
8: The Bully Show
Oct 31, 1978
Lenny and Squiggy are forced to make a date between Laverne and their foreman. After fighting feelings of guilt since they know that the guy is a real jerk, they come to Laverne's rescue just in time.
9: A Visit to the Cemetery
Nov 14, 1978
Laverne comes to accept the death of her mother and visits her grave for the first time.
10: Chorus Line
Nov 21, 1978
Laverne dreams of going to Broadway when she auditions for West Side Story in Chicago.
11: Laverne and Shirley Move In
Nov 28, 1978
Shirley recalls how she and Laverne first moved in together.
12: Dinner for Four
Dec 5, 1978
The girls meet two guys in Frank's Pizzabowl. When they get chatting, the girls think that the guys are inviting them for dinner at their posh flat, but in reality all the guys want is to hire them to be maids for the evening to them and their posh girlfriends.
13: It's a Dog's Life
Dec 12, 1978
Shirley handcuffs herself to a homeless dog at the pound to protest the scheduled death of the dog. Carmine comes to the rescue in the end by finding homes for all the abandoned dogs as he gives a free dance lesson to anyone who'll adopt a dog.
14: Oh, Come All Ye Burns
Dec 19, 1978
Laverne and Shirley are decorating their Christmas tree, when a bum called Rags knocks at the door and tells Laverne and Shirley that he's bringing 36 of his bum friends with him to Frank's annual Hobo Christmas Dinner at the Pizzabowl. Next we see Lenny and Squiggy dressed as an elf and a fairy working in a department store as Santa's helpers. They're being pestered by an obnoxious little boy. Frank DeFazio whose taken the job of Santa Claus, comes in to help raise money to pay for the Hobo's dinner. The Pizzabowl has been doing bad business and he can't afford to pay for the dinner this year, hence the Santa job. Laverne and Shirley comes in after having fought a large crowd over Christmas bargains. When they see Lenny and Squiggy they burst out laughing and they pull the brat away from Squiggy who has him in a choke hold. The rumpus causes the department stores manager to come out and when he sees the commotion, he fires Frank as Santa. Laverne recognizes her father's loud voice and
15: Who's Papa?
Jan 16, 1979
Shirley finds it odd that she is small and brunette when everybody else in her family is tall and blonde, so she takes it on herself to find out if she's adopted or not. In the end, she get a speech from Laverne about ""does it really matter if you're adopted or not, when you're current family loves you"". Needless to say when Shirley opens the hospital medical records, she finds out that she's not adopted after all.
16: The Third Annual Shotz Talent Show
Jan 30, 1979
In the third annual Shotz talent show, Laverne and Shirley perform as human puppets.
17: Supermarket Sweep
Feb 6, 1979
Laverne wins three minutes of free shopping and everyne want something. Everybody wants something all right: Lenny and Squiggy are constantly telling them to get Bosco, Carmine is out taking orders from the neighborhood. When the day comes, due to the girls' greed all they end up with is one measly item each.
18: Lenny's Crush
Feb 13, 1979
Lenny falls in love with Laverne after misunderstanding what she told him.
19: Fire Show
Feb 20, 1979
One of the firemen who comes to put out the fire in their apartment falls for Laverne. Unfortunately, Shirley falls for him too which leads to the girls' friendship being tested to the limits.
20: Squiggy in Love
Feb 27, 1979
Laverne and Shirley try to help Squiggy by pointing out to him that his latest great looking girlfriend is just using him to help move into and decorate her flat. When they finally confront Squiggy with the news, he tells them he knows he's being used but what chance does a guy like him have with a beautiful girl like that. Of course he does the right thing thanks to his friends and tells the golddigger to get lost.
21: The Feminine Mistake
Mar 6, 1979
Laverne asks Shirley if she can make her more feminine to impress Joey. This leads to Laverne acting 'froo-froo' and doing impressions of a southern belle.
22: The Tenants Are Revolting
Mar 13, 1979
The girls believe they are doing a good deed by calling in a building inspector to make repairs, until Mrs. Babish is given a deadline to fix it or pay a fine.
23: Spy in My Beer
May 8, 1979
No one believes Laverne saw an industrial spy in the brewery. So she takes it upon herself to prove everyone wrong. She drags Shirley back to the brewery late that evening and they lie in wait for the spy. Both girls after arguing with each other end up soaking wet in a huge vat of beer. When the spy appears the girls confront him. Moments later, the security guard comes in and the girls try to convince the guard about the spy. The spy spins a tale to the guard who is now unconvinced so Laverne pulls of his trousers revealling the stolen microfilm in his sock suspenders.
24: Shirley and the Older Man
May 15, 1979
Shirley's friendship with a rich older man is resented by Carmine, who is jealous, and the man's daughter is suspicious of Shirley's intentions.
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