Season 4
The Dick Van Dyke Show
32 EPISODES • 1964
Season 4 of The Dick Van Dyke Show was released on September 23 and consists of 32 episodes.

Season 3


1: My Mother Can Beat Up My Father
Sep 23, 1964
Laura has a talent for judo when she defends Rob at a bar.
2: The Ghost of A. Chantz
Sep 30, 1964
Rob, Buddy, Laura, and Sally spend the night in a cabin that is haunted. They later learn that Mel is playing a joke!
3: The Lady and the Babysitter
Oct 7, 1964
Roger Ritchie's Babysitter has fallen in love with Laura. Roger has trouble telling Laura that he loves her.
4: A Vigilante Ripped My Sports Coat
Oct 14, 1964
A disagreement over politics almost breaks up a friendship between Rob and Jerry.
5: The Man from Emperor
Oct 21, 1964
Rob is offered a job at a men's magazine but Laura doesn't like the idea.
6: Romance, Roses and Rye Bread
Oct 28, 1964
Sally finds a secret admirer turns out to be an unwanted suitor in the shape of DelI proprietor, Bert Monker. With middle-age loneliness the only thing they have in common, can she let him down gently?
7: 4½
Nov 4, 1964
Rob tells Buddy and Sally the story of how he and Laura met Lyle Delp.
8: The Alan Brady Show Goes to Jail
Nov 11, 1964
Rob has to perform at prison, just as he is about to perform Rob is thought to be an inmate of the jail.
9: Three Letters from One Wife
Nov 18, 1964
Millie gets a letter campaign together to make sure Rob still has a job.
10: Pink Pills and Purple Parents
Nov 25, 1964
Laura takes some of Millie's pills only to find that they make her drunk.
11: It Wouldn't Hurt Them to Give Us a Raise
Dec 2, 1964
Rob tries to help get a raise for Buddy and Sally but finds that hard to do after talking with Alan Brady's accountant.
12: The Death of the Party
Dec 9, 1964
Rob tries to hide the fact he is sick as he helps Laura with a party.
13: My Two Show-Offs and Me
Dec 16, 1964
When a writer comes to do a piece on the Alan Brady Show, Rob is worried about how Buddy and Sally will act in front of her.
14: Stretch Petrie vs. Kid Schenk
Dec 30, 1964
Neil Schenk comes looking for a job while Rob returns an old favor.
15: Brother, Can You Spare $2500?
Jan 6, 1965
Rob,Buddy, & Sally have just spent 11 hours finishing a script, on his way home Rob thinks he has the script in his hand but all he brings home is a newspaper! Rob remembers later that he left the script at Grand Centeral Station!
16: The Impractical Joke
Jan 13, 1965
Rob tells Buddy that he will play a joke on Buddy. When Rob doesn't do it, Buddy's troubles only gets worse as an IRS agent visits him.
17: Stacey Petrie: Part I
Jan 20, 1965
Sally is asked to help Stacey learn how to date a lady.
18: Stacey Petrie: Part II
Jan 27, 1965
Stacey meets Julie. Julie opens the letter and finds out who really wrote the letter. (Stacey signed the letter James Garner who is a friend of his but not the actor.) Now Laura and Rob must help Stacey get over Julie.
19: Boy #1, Boy #2
Feb 3, 1965
Laura & Millie drive Rob crazy when their sons are cast in a commercial.
20: The Redcoats Are Coming
Feb 10, 1965
Rob offers to hide The Redcoats at his home.
21: The Case of the Pillow
Feb 17, 1965
Rob takes pillow salesman to court after buying pillows that smell like chickens.
22: Young Man With a Shoehorn
Feb 24, 1965
Rob and Buddy invest in Uncle Lou's shoe store.
23: Girls Will Be Boys
Mar 3, 1965
Ritchie comes to his parents for advice on how to get Priscilla Darewell to stop hitting him. Soon Rob and Laura find out that Pricilla loves Ritchie!
24: Bupkis
Mar 10, 1965
Rob tries to get the royalites on The Bupkis after signing off on them eariler.
25: Your Home Sweet Home Is My Home
Mar 17, 1965
Rob and Laura may have found their dream house soon they find a rock in the center of the house!
26: Anthony Stone
Mar 24, 1965
Rob and Buddy find out that Sally's date is married.
27: Never Bathe on Saturday
Mar 31, 1965
Laura and Rob plan to see a play but she gets locked in a bathroom at their hotel.
28: Show of Hands
Apr 14, 1965
Rob & Laura go to banquet to get an award for Alan Brady, but before they go Laura & Rob put their hands in a pot of black ink (Laura was dying a costume Ritchie needs for a play.)
29: Baby Fat
Apr 21, 1965
Alan Brady is going on Broadaway, he asks Rob to add jokes to the play. Rob later whishes he hadn't agreed to help Alan.
30: One Hundred Terrible Hours
May 5, 1965
Just before Rob meets Alan Brady for the first time he tries to stay awake for 100 hours while doing a radio show.
31: Br-rooom, Br-rooom
May 12, 1965
Rob has a new motorcycle and takes it for a ride and is later arrested.
32: There's No Sale Like Wholesale
May 26, 1965
Rob learns a leason after letting Buddy buy a coat that is to big for Laura.
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