Season 1
The Carol Burnett Show
30 EPISODES • 1967
Season 1 of The Carol Burnett Show was released on September 11 and consists of 30 episodes.


1: with Jim Nabors
Sep 11, 1967
Carol's series premiere guest is Jim Nabors. Highlights of this inaugural edition include: a "V.I.P." interview with Shirley Dimple; Jim and Carol as two misfit skiers in "The Ski Lodge"; the first "Carol and Sis" sketch; and a Broadway medley. Jim sings "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" in Italian, and Carol as the Charwoman sings "Georgy Girl". This episode is noted as Show #003 in the Lost Episodes DVD set.
2: with Sid Caesar, Liza Minnelli
Sep 18, 1967
A "V.I.P." interview sketch satirizing Luci Baines Johnson; Carol and Vicki do a "Sleeping Beauty" skit; guest Sid Caesar plays a father awaiting the birth of his child; Carol and Lyle do a "How Tall Is Your Announcer" segment; a parody of "Star Trek"; guest Liza Minnelli performs "The Debutante's Ball", and duets with Carol on a medley of songs including "Just In Time"; and Sid and the cast do a spoof of the Ziegfeld Follies.
3: with Jonathan Winters, Eddie Albert
Sep 25, 1967
Comic Winters mimics Jackie Gieason; Carol plays a movie star attempting a comeback and a model playing in her first jungle film; in a husband-and-wife routine Carol and Harvey can't seem to remember the names of their guests.
4: with Lucille Ball, Tim Conway, and Gloria Loring
Oct 2, 1967
Two women (Carol and guest Lucille Ball) go to the "Café Argentine" whose staff includes a goose-stepping maitre d' (Harvey); Carol plays a housewife fighting off a recalcitrant washing machine and attacking pigeons, only to end up impaled by a medieval lance; "Carol and Sis" sing a rendition of "I Dig Rock and Roll Music"; guest Tim Conway plays a bumbling TV news anchor; two rent-a-car employees (Carol, Lucy) vie for the attentions of a traveler (Tim); guest Gloria Loring performs "Goin' Out of My Head" and "Try to Remember"; a woman (Carol) experiences the downside of marrying a superhero (Harvey); and Carol and Lucy sing and dance to a barroom medley. This episode is noted as Show #006 in the Lost Episodes DVD set.
5: with Imogene Coca, Lainie Kazan
Oct 9, 1967
A "V.I.P." sketch about Miss America; Carol, Harvey and guest Imogene Coca perform a coffee commercial sketch; guest Lainie Kazan performs a "Sunnyside"/"Silver Lining" medley, and duets with Carol on "Watch What Happens"; Carol and Harvey play "Bonnie and Clod"; a "Little Pianos" production number with the cast and dancers; and the Charwoman does a striptease pantomime and sings "There's No Business Like Show Business".
6: with Phyllis Diller, Gwen Verdon, and Bobbie Gentry
Oct 16, 1967
Carol plays the wife of a monster in "Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde"; a routine from guest Phyllis Diller; musical numbers from guests Gwen Verdon ("The 59th Street Bridge Song") and Bobbie Gentry ("The Look of Love"); Carol and Vicki in a foreign exchange sketch; and a "Sgt. Pepper" production number. This episode is noted as Show #008 in the Lost Episodes DVD set.
7: with Smothers Brothers, Diahann Carroll, Richard Kiley
Oct 23, 1967
Carol and Lyle performing exercises; the Smothers Brothers doing a sketch, singing "John Henry" and joined by Carol on "Pretoria"; guest Richard Kiley sings "The Impossible Dream"; guest Diahann Carroll sings "The Rules of the Road" and "Where Am I Going?", and duets with Richard on "The Sweetest Sound I Never Heard"; and Carol and Diahann perform a haunted house production number.
8: with Nanette Fabray, Sonny & Cher
Nov 6, 1967
A spoof of French, Polish and Japanese airline service; A "V.I.P." interview sketch with Carol as a nudist; an office triangle sketch; Carol and Nanette perform "Bosom Buddies"; Cher performs "You Better Sit Down Kids"; Sonny & Cher sing "Living for You"; and the whole cast performs "Take Me Along".
9: with Richard Chamberlin, Gloria Loring
Nov 13, 1967
Carol and guest Richard Chamberlain attempt to make Lyle jealous; an airport interview with a "Mother of the Year"; musical numbers from Carol and the dancers ("Everybody's Gotta Be Someplace"), Richard with the dancers and singers ("Lazy Day"), and guest Gloria Loring ("A Taste of Honey" and "I've Gotta Be Me"); Carol and Vicki perform "Sisters Galore" sketch, and they and the dancers perform "Ballin' the Jack".
10: with Juliet Prowse, Martha Raye
Nov 20, 1967
A "Sleeping Beauty" production number; a legs and mouth sketch; a "V.I.P." sketch satirizing Lynda Bird Johnson's wedding; musical numbers from guests Juliet Prowse ("The Fleet's In") and Martha Raye ("After You've Gone"); a sketch about ESP; and Carol as the Charwoman sings "Young and Foolish".
11: with Don Adams, Lesley Ann Warren
Nov 27, 1967
A "Jolly Green Thing" sketch; guest Lesley Ann Warren and the dancers perform "The Best Is Yet to Come"; a strike sketch parodying Joey Bishop's and Johnny Carson's talk shows; Harvey and guest Don Adams perform a "Two Feathers" sketch; Carol performs "Enter Laughing"; and a production number set to "All God's Children". This episode is noted as Show #013 in the Lost Episodes DVD set.
12: Episode 12
Dec 4, 1967
with Jonathan Winters, Barbara Eden, Leonard Nimoy
13: Episode 13
Dec 11, 1967
with Mickey Rooney, John Davidson
14: Episode 14
Dec 25, 1967
with Sid Caesar, Ella Fitzgerald
15: Episode 15
Jan 1, 1968
with Lynn Redgrave, Mike Douglas
16: Episode 16
Jan 8, 1968
with Lana Turner, Frank Gorshin
17: Episode 17
Jan 15, 1968
with Trini López, Ken Berry
18: Episode 18
Jan 22, 1968
with George Chakiris, Shirley Jones
19: Episode 19
Jan 29, 1968
with Jonathan Winters, Dionne Warwick
20: Episode 20
Feb 5, 1968
with Jack Palance, Liza Minnelli
21: Episode 21
Feb 12, 1968
with Betty Grable, Martha Raye
22: Episode 22
Feb 19, 1968
with Nanette Fabray, Art Carney
23: Episode 23
Feb 26, 1968
with Garry Moore, Durward Kirby, John Gary
24: Episode 24
Mar 4, 1968
with Imogene Coca, Mel Torme
25: Episode 25 (#016)
Mar 18, 1968
Carol and Sis; I Can't Get Started / 'Cause I Got So Much Lovin' in Me; The Bullfighter; Shipwrecked; Salute to Old Movies; Nobody; Hoedown
26: Episode 26
Mar 25, 1968
with Soupy Sales, Gloria Loring
27: Episode 27
Apr 15, 1968
with Peter Lawford, Minnie Pearl
28: Episode 28
Apr 29, 1968
with Tim Conway, Shani Wallis
29: Episode 29
May 6, 1968
with Sid Caesar, Barbara McNair
30: Episode 30
May 13, 1968
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