Season 1
Have Gun, Will Travel
39 EPISODES • 1957
The first season of Have Gun — Will Travel originally aired Saturdays at 9:30-10:00 pm on CBS from September 14, 1957 to June 14, 1958. The Region 1 DVD was released on May 11, 2004.


1: Three Bells to Perdido
Sep 14, 1957
New Mexico rancher Jesse Reade hires Paladin for $1,000 to bring back outlaw Dave Enderly, who has run off to Perdido, Mexico with Reade's daughter Nancy.
2: The Outlaw
Sep 21, 1957
Manfred Holt breaks out of jail, killing two deputies. Is he on his way to kill the banker who testified against him, or to see his family for the last time? The banker hires Paladin.
3: The Great Mojave Chase
Sep 28, 1957
A sportsman sponsors a contest, betting that no one can elude his posse in the Mojave Desert. When Paladin shows up riding a camel, the man decides that the only way he can still win is to get rid of Paladin.
4: Winchester Quarantine
Oct 5, 1957
At a stagecoach stop, Paladin sees a peaceful Cherokee rancher being beaten by white men who think his cattle are spreading a sickness. Paladin offers his help.
5: A Matter of Ethics
Oct 12, 1957
An accused murderer who fears that he will be lynched before he can be returned to Bender, Wyoming, for trial, hires Paladin to make sure he gets there alive.
6: The Bride
Oct 19, 1957
When a mail-order bride from Philadelphia gets off the stagecoach in the middle of nowhere, Paladin decides to stay with her to make sure that she is safe.
7: Strange Vendetta
Oct 26, 1957
Paladin's new friend, stabbed by an assassin, makes a dying request to have his body taken back home to his hacienda in Mexico.
8: High Wire
Nov 2, 1957
A hobo who was once a circus performer bets a gambler that he can walk across the saloon on a tightrope. When Paladin sees that the gambler intends to cheat, he decides to help even the odds.
9: Show of Force
Nov 9, 1957
After winning a batch of old rifles in a poker game, Paladin finds himself involved in a range war.
10: The Long Night
Nov 16, 1957
A wealthy cattleman holds Paladin and two other men hostage. They will all die at dawn unless one of them admits to the murder of the rancher's wife.
11: The Colonel and the Lady
Nov 23, 1957
A retired colonel sends Paladin to a Nevada mining town to find out what happened to a former saloon girl.
12: No Visitors
Nov 30, 1957
When Paladin finds a woman and her apparently typhoid-afflicted child abandoned by a wagonmaster, he enlists the aid of a female doctor from a nearby town, but a religious fanatic then tries to bar them from entry.
13: The Englishman
Dec 7, 1957
Paladin escorts an Englishman to his female cousin's ranch they have inherited in Montana, but finds that an embittered trader is plotting against them.
14: The Yuma Treasure
Dec 14, 1957
Accompanying a cavalry major on a mission to prevent a war by negotiating a treaty with an elusive Apache chief, Paladin must deal with soldiers who have caught gold fever.
15: The Hanging Cross
Dec 21, 1957
On Christmas eve, an embittered rancher wants revenge on Pawnee Indians who he thinks kidnapped his son several years before.
16: Helen of Abajinian
Dec 28, 1957
An Armenian winemaker hires Paladin to find his runaway daughter and break up her ill-considered romance with a cowhand.
17: Ella West
Jan 4, 1958
The promoter of a wild west show asks Paladin for help taming down a very wild and famous female sharpshooter and show her how to act like a lady.
18: The Reasonable Man
Jan 11, 1958
A rancher having a dispute with his foster son hires Paladin to keep one of them from killing the other in a duel.
19: The High-Graders
Jan 18, 1958
When his tailor is killed in an accident at a supposedly worthless gold mine, Paladin discovers that the man was murdered and his heirs are being swindled.
20: The Last Laugh
Jan 25, 1958
A rancher blames Paladin when a practical joke goes awry and his wife is crippled in a riding accident.
21: The Bostonian
Feb 2, 1958
Paladin protects a new landowner from Boston, who is having an escalating feud with an established cattle rancher.
22: The Singer
Feb 8, 1958
A cowboy seeks help for his former girlfriend, a dancehall singer, who he says was forced into marriage and is now being held prisoner.
23: Bitter Wine
Feb 15, 1958
Paladin is hired to stop a vineyard from being ruined by seepage from an adjacent oil well.
24: Girl from Piccadilly
Feb 22, 1958
Learning of his son's death, a rich man hires Paladin to locate the daughter-in-law he's never met, but Paladin finds two women both claiming to be her.
25: The O'Hare Story
Mar 1, 1958
Hired to prevent the construction of a dam that would imperil a town's water supply, Paladin finds that he sympathizes more with the Irish engineer who's trying to build it.
26: Birds of a Feather
Mar 8, 1958
Paladin must contend with other gunfighters as he tries to settle a right-of-way dispute between two railroads in a Colorado town that will die if they go elsewhere.
27: The Teacher
Mar 15, 1958
Paladin defends a schoolmistress who's being theatened for teaching about war crimes that took place during the Civil War.
28: Killer's Widow
Mar 22, 1958
After having killed a bank robber, Paladin is accused of having taken the stolen money. He visits the dead man's widow and tries to make amends.
29: Gun Shy
Mar 29, 1958
Trying to locate the thieves who stole a jade chess set, Paladin ends up in a small Montana town where he becomes involved in a romance with a landlady's daughter.
30: The Prizefight Story
Apr 5, 1958
When Paladin goes to a mining town to promote a prizefight, his boxer is arrested and he ends up having to take the man's place in the ring -- against the Welsh champion.
31: Hey Boy's Revenge
Apr 12, 1958
When Hey Boy's brother is killed for protesting the working conditions on a Chinese railroad gang in Utah, Paladin must get the boy out of jail and bring the killer to justice.
32: The Five Books of Owen Deaver
Apr 26, 1958
Paladin comes to the aid of a young sheriff from the East whose attempts to keep law and order are particularly unsuitable for a cowboy town in Wyoming.
33: The Silver Queen
May 3, 1958
Lonely Leadhead Kane dies and leaves his half of a mine to an actress. Kane's partner wants to challenge the will. Someone wants to make sure Paladin never gets the woman to the courtroom.
34: Three Sons
May 10, 1958
Newlyweds with no place to stay end up in Paladin's suite. He learns that the groom's half-brothers are threatening to kill their father. Paladin goes to warn the father.
35: The Return of Dr. Thackeray
May 17, 1958
Dr. Phyllis Thackeray diagnoses the cook at the Barton Ranch with smallpox. All the cowhands may be infected and need to be vaccinated. Dr. Thackeray sends for the one man she thinks can help.
36: 24 Hours at North Fork
May 24, 1958
When a blight kills all the crops except for one farmer's, Paladin must protect him from a greedy storekeeper who wants his farm and his hired gun who has a personal grudge against Paladin.
37: Silver Convoy
May 31, 1958
Paladin is hired to find James Becker. He trails him to Monterey and discovers he has been arrested and is sentenced to work in a silver mine. Paladin finds that Becker has died in a cave-in or so he is told. The owner of the mine hires Paladin to guard a silver convoy, but first Paladin wants to find out a little more about the mine.
38: Deliver the Body
Jun 7, 1958
Paladin is hired to bring in the killer of the sheriff in a Nevada town. He brings him in but has some doubts about his guilt and decides to hang around for the trial.
39: The Statue of San Sebastian
Jun 14, 1958
Paladin agrees to capture an outlaw in return for a statue belonging to the local mission.
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