Season 4
Have Gun, Will Travel
38 EPISODES • 1960
The fourth season of Have Gun – Will Travel originally aired Saturdays at 9:30-10:00 pm on CBS from September 10, 1960 to June 10, 1961. Volume 1 of the Region 1 DVD was released on March 2, 2010. Volume 2 was released on July 6.

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1: The Fatalist
Sep 10, 1960
A Russian Jewish immigrant and his daughter are coerced by a local town boss not to testify in court about a murder. The daughter comes to San Francisco to enlist Paladin's help.
2: Love's Young Dream
Sep 17, 1960
Monk (The Naked Gun, Episode #92) arrives in San Francisco to collect his inheritance, a half-interest in a night club. He ends up at the Carlton Hotel to ask Paladin for help.
3: A Head of Hair
Sep 24, 1960
An Apache indian has his eye on scalping Paladin.
4: Out at the Old Ballpark
Oct 1, 1960
Paladin serves as umpire for a Wild West baseball game.
5: Saturday Night
Oct 8, 1960
After being arrested along with several others for fighting in a barroom brawl, Paladin wakes up in a cell and discovers that one of the other men has been murdered.
6: The Calf
Oct 15, 1960
When a calf is found dead, a rancher seeks revenge on another.
7: The Tender Gun
Oct 22, 1960
During his travels, Paladin encounters a female sheriff.
8: The Shooting of Jesse May
Oct 29, 1960
When Jesse May is shot, Paladin begins to believe that a boy murdered him.
9: The Poker Fiend
Nov 12, 1960
A poker game takes a deadly turn and Paladin is caught in the middle.
10: Crowbait
Nov 19, 1960
A man risks his life to be able to protect his daughter's dowry.
11: Marshal's Boy
Nov 26, 1960
Paladin must track down a marshal's son accused of a shooting and persuade him to turn himself into the authorities.
12: Foggbound
Dec 3, 1960
Paladin is hired to travel with adventurer Phileas Fogg during his 80 day trip around the world.
13: The Legacy
Dec 10, 1960
After a man dies, the reading of his will causes three additional murders.
14: The Prisoner
Dec 17, 1960
Paladin is hired by a man who has been wrongly accused of murder.
15: The Mountebank
Dec 24, 1960
A puppeteer gives Paladin a wagon ride to an Army fort commanded by a general with presidential aspirations.
16: The Sanctuary
Dec 31, 1960
Coming off the trail, Paladin pulls into a mission seeking a night's rest and ends up helping a man running from a lynch mob.
17: A Quiet Night in Town (1)
Jan 7, 1961
Paladin arrives in the Texas border town of Jody with a murder suspect named Joselito Kincaid. Their appearance creates tension: this is cow country, and Kincaid is a sheepherder. (Part 1 of 2)
18: A Quiet Night in Town (2)
Jan 14, 1961
When a group of men kill Paladin's prisoner, Paladin must bring the group of murders to justice. (Part 2 of 2)
19: The Princess and the Gunfighter
Jan 21, 1961
Paladin is hired to find the princess of a tiny kingdom who disappeared while making a United States tour.
20: Shadow of a Man
Jan 28, 1961
Paladin is hired by the wife of a weak man who's terrorized by his hometown. The Southerner is hated because of his role in the Lincoln assassination.
21: Long Way Home
Feb 4, 1961
The hunter becomes the hunted. When Paladin captures a former slave turned outlaw, a gang of rough bounty hunters fight to take his prisoner, dead or alive. When Paladin is bitten by a rattlesnake, the outlaw has to choose between saving him and saving himself.
22: The Taxgatherer
Feb 11, 1961
Have gun - will collect taxes. Paladin teams up with a powerful rancher to collect taxes from some of the roughest cattle-rustlers in the West. But how will he get the money when the man he's riding with has vowed never to pay a cent?
23: The Fatal Flaw
Feb 25, 1961
Stranded in a mountain cabin during a snowstorm, a sinister, Satan-worshipping outlaw bets Paladin he can do the unthinkable: corrupt the soul of an honest lawman.
24: Fandango
Mar 4, 1961
As a favor to an old friend, Paladin captures two teenagers sentenced to hang. Then, he finds himself face-to-face with an old gunfighter who wants the pleasure of hanging the boys who killed his brother. In the end, Paladin wonders how young is too young to be responsible for your crime.
25: The Last Judgement
Mar 11, 1961
Arriving in a small Arkansas town Paladin finds Dr. Simeon Loving chained in the street. He is charged with murder and Paladin is pressured into serving as his defense attorney. Elroy Greenleaf, a self-appointed justice of the peace, has decided that Loving will hang unless Paladin can persuade the jury to oppose Greenleaf.
26: The Gold Bar
Mar 18, 1961
Paladin tries to help a timid bank clerk return the gold he stole from his employer before it's discovered missing.
27: Everyman
Mar 25, 1961
A fortune teller predicts trouble for Paladin in the extremely near future.
28: The Siege
Apr 1, 1961
A desert town hires Paladin to deal with three brothers who have been poisoning the municipal water supply.
29: The Long Weekend
Apr 8, 1961
Paladin is hired to protect a town from a mountain man who occasionally wreaks havoc there.
30: El Paso Stage
Apr 15, 1961
Paladin decides to end the reign of terror of a psychotic town marshal.
31: Duke of Texas
Apr 22, 1961
Franz, a young Austrian Duke, hires Paladin to guide him to meet with a general who has promised to help reclaim Mexico for the Austrian empire. Franz believes the people of Mexico will welcome him, but Padadin thinks that Franz's advisor has other reasons for making the trip.
32: Broken Image
Apr 29, 1961
Paladin and a local hero go in pursuit of a gang of bank robbers but the hero may not be what he seems.
33: Brother's Keeper
May 6, 1961
After being attacked by a puma in the wild, things go from bad to awful for Paladin when he's robbed and left for dead by two men.
34: Bearbait
May 13, 1961
Paladin becomes involved when a timid sheriff refuses to do anything about three young hooligans who are terrorizing a town.
35: The Cure
May 20, 1961
Paladin helps down on her luck Calamity Jane regain her mojo.
36: The Road
May 27, 1961
Paladin is robbed by scavengers and then forced to cross the mountain in winter without his horse, guns or coat.
37: The Uneasy Grave
Jun 3, 1961
After encountering a woman burying her fiancee in an unmarked grave, Paladin is persuaded to go after the deceased's killer.
38: Soledad Crossing
Jun 10, 1961
A diptheria scare slows the return of Paladin's prisoner to justice.
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