Season 3
Telephone Time
29 EPISODES • 1957
Season 3 of Telephone Time was released on September 10 and consists of 29 episodes.

Season 2


1: Revenge
Sep 10, 1957
A school teacher from Massachusetts comes to a small western town to marry a young homesteader, but finds that he's been murdered. The jury frees the murderer on a phony plea of self-defense. Determined to see justice done, she decides to stay in town as a constant irritant to the murderer's conscience. She makes him so crazy, he picks a fight with one of his friends and is killed. Dismayed by her own vengefulness, the teacher decides that justice would be better served by true social reform. She campaigns successfully for women to be selected as jurors, which results in the second murderer being convicted and sent to prison.
2: Here Lies Francois Gold
Sep 17, 1957
3: Campaign For Marriage
Sep 24, 1957
4: The Gadfly
Oct 1, 1957
5: Hole in the Wall
Oct 8, 1957
6: The Man the Navy Couldn't Sink
Oct 15, 1957
7: Under Seventeen
Oct 22, 1957
8: The Other Van Gogh
Oct 29, 1957
9: Arithmetic Sailor
Nov 5, 1957
10: I Get Along Without You Very Well
Nov 12, 1957
Composer Hoagy Carmichael relates the story of a song inspired by an anonymous poem, I get along without you very well. The year is 1938. Hoagy is asked to write a song to be introduced on Dick Powell's radio show. While going through his files, Hoagy discovers a nearly forgotten poem and promises a melody for it. He remembers little about the source of the poem except that a girl gave it to him at a college sorority party several years before. But the lyricist must grant permission before the music can be cleared for use on the radio. There ensues a desperate nation-wide search, aided by the broadcasts of Walter Winchell to find the author before air time.
11: Alice's Wedding Gown
Nov 19, 1957
12: The Rescue
Nov 26, 1957
13: Novel Appeal
Dec 3, 1957
An author frees an innocent man from prison.
14: Sam Houston's Decision
Dec 10, 1957
15: The Frying Pan
Dec 17, 1957
16: A Picture of the Magi
Dec 24, 1957
17: Death of a Nobody
Dec 31, 1957
18: Abby, Julia and the Seven Pet Cows
Jan 7, 1958
19: Cavalry Surgeon
Jan 14, 1958
The story of a military surgeon who in a moment of crisis has to perform an action repugnant to his very nature. The story of a cavalry skirmish in the Mexican War and of two men who fought with different philosophies and methods toward the same end. One lived heroically and one died a hero.
20: A Stubborn Fool
Jan 21, 1958
21: Flight for Life
Jan 28, 1958
22: The Immortal Eye
Feb 4, 1958
23: Recipe for Success
Feb 11, 1958
24: The Checkered Flag
Feb 18, 1958
Story of an unsung racing mechanic who because of a club foot, has never dared to race himself. All he needed was the confidence in himself to succeed. Based on the true story of Bud and Gina Hand.
25: The Vestris
Feb 25, 1958
In the spring of 1828, the bark Vestris, is 16 days out enroute from England to Boston. The weather is fair, but the captain's ailing wife suddenly has a vision telling her (in a message written on a blackboard) to have the ship change course. At first the captain refuses, but when the weather changes and his wife becomes sicker, he reluctantly agrees. As a result, they find and rescue three survivors of a shipwreck. One of the three is a doctor, and appears to be the ""spirit"" seen by the wife. He saves her life. As it turns out, the message on the blackboard is in his handwriting. Curiously, the doctor is as puzzled as everyone else by the wife's vision.
26: War Against War
Mar 4, 1958
27: The Quality of Mercy
Mar 11, 1958
28: Man of Principle
Mar 25, 1958
Hiero II, king of ancient Syracuse, orders a gold crown to be made as an offering to the gods. The gold is delivered to a goldsmith and the man's wife persuades him to substitute silver for some of the gold.
29: Trail Blazer
Apr 1, 1958
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