9 EPISODES • 1973
Season 0 of Kojak was released on March 8 and consists of 9 episodes.

Season -1


1: The Marcus-Nelson Murders
Mar 8, 1973
A homicide detective begins to suspect that the black teenager accused of murdering two white girls is being framed by his fellow detectives.
2: The Belarus File
Feb 16, 1985
Lieutenant Theo Kojak teams up with Dana Sutton, a comely federal agent, to uncover a conspiracy reaching back to the Nazi occupation of the Soviet Union.
3: The Price of Justice
Feb 21, 1987
Top New York cop Theo Kojak finds himself trapped in a tangled web of false trials, jealousies and murderous scheming as he investigates the death of two young boys. Their bodies are discovered in a Harlem river, the boys mother is the major suspect. But what appears to be an open shut case soon becomes something much more sinister.
4: Ariana
Jan 30, 1989
One of Kojak's old enemies uses Ariana, a young Greek girl, as bait to trap the legendary New York detective. Meanwhile, Kojak finds himself a brash young associate...
5: Fatal Flaw
Nov 26, 1989
While Investigating the murder of a writer responsible for a Mob exposé, Kojak discovers that the dead man's wife is an old flame.
6: Flowers for Matty
Jan 4, 1990
A fellow cop and Kojak's close friend is shot to death. Theo immediately starts an investigation, but to his dismay the case is taken away from him by the Internal Affairs Bureau, as his killed friend is suspected of bribery. Regardless of that, Kojak's continuing his own private research, as he believes in the detective's innocence. Cast includes Glynnis O'Connor and Ed Lauter.
7: It's Always Something
Feb 3, 1990
After discovering the connection between a corrupt city commissioner and Columbian killers, Kojak is framed for the murder of a call girl and is prosecuted by former place detective Crocker, now an assistant D.A.
8: None So Blind
Apr 7, 1990
When an accountant is murdered, Kojak becomes suspicious of the activities of a wealthy department store own and his family.
9: Who Loves Ya Baby-Featurette
Season 1
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