Season 4
25 EPISODES • 1976
Season 4 of Kojak was released on September 26 and consists of 25 episodes.

Season 3


1: Birthday Party
Sep 26, 1976
On her birthday, Kojak's niece is kidnapped by criminals who want to exchange her for an incarcerated cop killer.
2: A Summer Madness
Oct 3, 1976
Already confronted with problems at home, Detective Jeff Braddock must face the inquiry of the murder of his mistress, while Kojak investigates the bombing of a restaurant.
3: Law Dance
Oct 10, 1976
Kojak searches for the killer of a key witness in a prominent murder trial.
4: Out of the Shadows
Oct 17, 1976
Kojak and the detectives scour the city for ""The Grim Reaper"", a slasher who murders his victims out of greed.
5: A Need to Know
Oct 24, 1976
Kojak and the detectives try to stop a child molester who has diplomatic immunity before he strikes again.
6: An Unfair Trade
Oct 31, 1976
The shooting of a Puerto Rican youth by the Police anders the community.
7: A Hair-Trigger Away
Nov 7, 1976
The drug addicted girlfriend of a cop is under scrutiny for accidentally killing his partner during a drug bust.
8: By Silence Betrayed
Nov 14, 1976
Kojak finds that the longshoreman's lips are sealed when he inquires into labor-related waterfront murders.
9: A Shield for Murder (1)
Nov 21, 1976
A wealthy political leader quashes Kojak's efforts to reopen a two-year-old matricide case.
10: A Shield for Murder (2)
Nov 21, 1976
When Kojak gets too close to discovering the truth, he is framed.
11: The Pride and the Princess
Nov 28, 1976
An émigré princess and her servant scheme to recover family jewels they believe are held by a mobster.
12: Black Thorn
Dec 5, 1976
Private eye Salathiel Harms returns, pursuing the same bail jumper as Kojak.
13: Where Do You Go When You Have No Place To Go?
Dec 12, 1976
A desperate unemployed ironworker accidentally kills a construction kingpin.
14: Dead Again
Dec 19, 1976
A woman informs the detectives that she had seen a wanted man that had supposedly died in a house fire, but they don't believe her until it's too late.
15: The Godson
Jan 4, 1977
Kojak's godson becomes mixed up with a gang involved in an armed robbery. Can Kojak get through to his godson before it's too late?
16: The Condemned
Jan 11, 1977
A boxer accused of murder holes up inside a church and threatens to kill the parishioners unless the police meet his demands.
17: When You Hear the Beep, Drop Dead
Jan 18, 1977
A wealthy ecologist's wife plans to murder him and use a fake phone message to frame a nonexistent call girl.
18: I Was Happy Where I Was
Jan 25, 1977
A Puerto Rican cop goes undercover in his old neighborhood to find out who is trying to start a barrio gang war.
19: Kojak's Days (1)
Feb 1, 1977
Kojak must unravel the mystery of a white Roll-Royce with a body in the trunk while trying to find a woman who murdered her husband.
20: Kojak's Days (2)
Feb 8, 1977
The search continues for a woman who murdered her husband, abandoned her child and is threatening to commit suicide.
21: Monkey on a String
Feb 15, 1977
A member of the police force falls prey to a powerful crime figure. With Albert Paulsen and Judith Light.
22: Kiss it All Goodbye
Feb 22, 1977
Crocker accidentally shoots a fashion model while trying to stop a robbery, jeopardizing his career.
23: Lady in the Squad Room
Mar 8, 1977
Kojak and a female detective must overcome their dislike for each other when she is transferred from the rape squad to help nab a drug-dealing rapist-muderer.
24: Sister Maria
Mar 15, 1977
A vengeful nun tries to bring to justice the gangster who ordered the murder of her sister. (60 mins)
25: Another Gypsy Queen
Mar 22, 1977
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