Season 1
16 EPISODES • 1990
Season 1 of Lenny was released on September 10 and consists of 16 episodes.


1: Lenny (pilot)
Sep 10, 1990
Lenny has to come up with money for his dad's operation.
2: Three Men and Three Babies
Sep 19, 1990
When Shelly and Mary wind up in the hospital, Lenny, Eddie, and Pat are left to take care of the house and the girls.
3: Opportunity Knocks Out
Sep 26, 1990
At a formal party, Lenny's hotel boss makes a pass at Shelly.
4: The Loan Ranger
Oct 3, 1990
Lenny finds himself lending money to too many people.
5: Yes, Virginity, There is a God
Dec 15, 1990
On Lenny's day off, Kelly needs to discuss sex, Tracy announces her atheism, and Eddie breaks the television.
6: Career Day
Dec 22, 1990
Lenny attends a mortified Kelly's school Career Day.
7: New York Stories
Dec 29, 1990
Stuck in a New York blizzard after the funeral of Uncle Shamus, the Callahan men may miss Tracy's dance recital.
8: My Boyfriend's Black and There Gonna Be Trouble
Jan 5, 1991
Lenny's sister announces she is marrying a black lawyer.
9: G.I. Joe
Jan 12, 1991
Lenny's doctor conducts a series of gastrointestinal tests when a potentially life-threatening problem crops up.
10: Lenny Get Your Gun
Jan 26, 1991
After Pat and Mary are burglarized, they buy a gun and expect Lenny to follow suit.
11: The Gas Man Cometh
Feb 2, 1991
An explosion on a gas line leaves Lenny trapped 10 feet below the street with an engineer and one sandwich.
12: A Fine Romance
Feb 9, 1991
Lenny's romantic interlude with Shelly is soured by his worry over a boxing match on which Eddie bet their vacation money.
13: Cold
Feb 16, 1991
When Lenny tries fixing the furnace himself, the family ends up bunking at his parents' house for heat.
14: Family Matters
Mar 2, 1991
The Callahans gather for a loud family dinner.
15: It AIn't The Heat
Mar 9, 1991
Fed up with winter, Pat flies off to Florida to stay with friend Charlie, while Mary insists on staying home.
16: One of Our Hubbys is Missing
Kelly babysit a terror who disappears during hide-and-seek, while both sets of parents bowl a grudge match.
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