Season 1
Kate Brasher
7 EPISODES • 2001
Season 1 of Kate Brasher was released on February 24 and consists of 7 episodes.


1: Kate
Feb 24, 2001
Kate finds herself on the verge of getting evicted from her apartment and fired from one of her jobs. Then fate leads her to Brothers Keepers where it looks as if she may just get the first real job of her life. On the family front, Daniel gets into trouble when he loses a $300 dollar sports wager trying to help his mother come up with the rent money, even though Elvis begged him not to get involved.
2: Simon
Mar 3, 2001
This time Kate is faced with having to help a artistically talented young boy who the school wants to put an a calming drug. Brother's keeper also has a lady working off community service. She starts out as a nusence, but finally saves the day. Abbie has her first day in court...
3: Jeff
Mar 10, 2001
Joe and Hannah, a Brothers Keepers volunteer, are both shot by a 12-year-old boy. Following the attack, Joe must make the difficult decision to help keep the boy from being tried as an adult. Meanwhile, Kate intervenes in a case of gay spousal abuse.
4: Jackson
Mar 24, 2001
Kate begins to help Jackson Turner, an exonerated death row inmate, get back on his feet. Meanwhile, Joe runs for city council.
5: Tracy
Apr 7, 2001
Kate gets her first case,a mother who has turned her life around and wants her children back, but Kate doesn't think the woman is ready for the responsibility.
6: Georgia
Apr 14, 2001
7: The Further Adventures
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