Season 2
Beauty and the Beast
22 EPISODES • 1988
Season 2 of Beauty and the Beast was released on November 18 and consists of 22 episodes.

Season 1


1: Chamber Music
Nov 18, 1988
While walking above one night Vincent spots an ex-tunnel dweller, named Rolly. Catherine and Vincent try to help him. Rolly is also a piano prodigy or at least he used to be. Now he's a junkie. Catherine and Vincent attend a concert in the park from below. In the middle of the concert a rainstorm begins. Vincent tries to cover Catherine with his cape but she pushes it off and allow herself to get soaked. Vincent watches in amusement. After Catherine is soaking wet she crawls back over to Vincent and collapses laughingly into his lap.
2: Remember Love
Nov 25, 1988
Unable to visit Connecticut with Catherine, Vincent has visions of what life would have been like without him.
3: Ashes, Ashes
Dec 2, 1988
Dimitri, a Russian sailor unknowingly brings the plague below.
4: Dead of Winter
Dec 9, 1988
Winterfest is a celebration of great importance to those who live below. This is Catherine's first Winterfest. But this year Winterfest is interrupted by Paracelsus.
5: God Bless the Child
Dec 16, 1988
Catherine volunteers on a teen help line. While working she recieves a call from a young girl who is pregnant and living on the street. After meeting her Catherine talks to Vincent about her staying in the tunnels. Vincent talks to father and they agree to meet this woman. She moves into the tunnels as she awaits the birth of her child. The community tries to hide Vincent from her. She hears many stories of him, but because of his appearance they sheild her from him. When she goes to get water one day she runs into Vincent. Quickly he pulls up his hood to sheild his face. She pulls the hood off and begins to talk to him. She is not afraid at all. While they are talking she goes into labor. Vincent carries her to her chamber and alerts Mary and Father. After she has her daughter she sees Vincent more and more. She begins to fall in love with him. Vincent does not want to be cruel to her but he tells her that his heart belongs to Catherine. She runs away and leaves the baby. Vincent goes
6: Sticks and Stones
Jan 6, 1989
Laura, a deaf ex-tunnel dweller, falls in with a deaf street gang.
7: A Fair and Perfect Knight
Jan 13, 1989
Michael leaves to the tunnels to go to college above. Vincent deals with jealousy issues of not being able to go to college above. Catherine befriends him and helps him settle in. Michael eventually falls for Catherine and winds up kissing her. Then he is afraid of what Vincent will do when he finds out about the kiss.
8: Labyrinths
Jan 20, 1989
Brian, an unhappy young Dungeons and Dragons player, discovers the tunnels.
9: Brothers
Feb 3, 1989
Devin, rescues a man who has elephant man's syndrome from a cruel circus man. The owner leaves the poor man locked in a cage like an animal. Devin, then brings him below where he knows that he will be safe.
10: A Gentle Rain
Feb 17, 1989
Catherine must turn in Kanin. He is a tunnel dweller who is wanted for a past DWI vehicular homecide.
11: The Outsiders
Feb 24, 1989
A murderous "family" takes up residence in the tunnels.
12: Orphans
Mar 6, 1989
Catherine's father dies and Vincent allows her to come below to grieve. He also makes her go back above because he knows that she does not belong there no matter how he feels. Catherine finally agrees and goes back above.
13: Arabesque
Mar 13, 1989
Ballerina, Lisa's return to the tunnels opens up old wounds for Vincent.
14: When the Bluebird Sings
Mar 31, 1989
Catherine meets a strange man who says that he is an artist. His name is Kristopher Gentian. But when strange things begin to happen it leads both Vincent and Catherine to wonder if the man is really an artist or a ghost.
15: The Watcher
Apr 7, 1989
Catherine is harrassed by a peeping tom. The worst part is that this man has seen Vincent!
16: A Distant Shore
Apr 14, 1989
Catherine must travel to L.A. for information about a murder case. Even this far away, Vincent still has a sense of her. But because she is so far away there is nothing that Vincent can do if she does encounter danger. On the flight home Catherine remembers special moments with Vincent.
17: Trial
Apr 21, 1989
Catherine prosecutes a case of fatal child abuse. The wife won't testify against her husband.
18: A Kingdom by the Sea
Apr 28, 1989
Elliot Birch is pursued by a death squad. Catherine puts her own life on the line to help him.
19: The Hollow Men
May 5, 1989
Rich kids kill young prostitutes for fun.
20: What Rough Beast
May 12, 1989
An insistent reporter sets off Vincent's confrontation with himself.
21: Ceremony of Innocence
May 19, 1989
Paracelsus' lie about Vincent's birth brings Vincent to the verge of madness.
22: The Rest is Silence
Jun 2, 1989
A stress-aggravated illness triggers Vincent's collapse. Vincent goes far back through the catacombs of the tunnels to hide in a cave. While in there he continually growls and thrashes about as if he's gone mad. Catherine goes after him because she says that she can't stand to see him like that. After all he is the love of her life.
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