5 EPISODES • 1994
Season 0 of MacGyver was released on May 14 and consists of 5 episodes.

Season -1


1: MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis
May 14, 1994
Hunting artifacts attributed to Zenon (an ancient scientist from Atlantis), MacGyver and his old professor end up searching for the lost city.
2: MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday
Nov 24, 1994
A close friend of MacGyver is murdered. In searching for a reason for this assassination, MacGyver discovers a secret nuclear weapons plant right in the center of Britain.
3: Young MacGyver
Jan 9, 2003
The nephew of MacGyver leaves school and joins the Phoenix Foundation. As expected the younger MacGyver finds his talents closely match his uncle's.
4: MacGyver MasterCard Commercial
Feb 5, 2006
Richard Dean Anderson reprises his role as MacGyver in this parody via MasterCard and advertising agency McCann Erickson that aired during Super Bowl XL in 2006.
5: Mercedes-Benz: MacGyver and the New Citan
Sep 18, 2012
Richard Dean Anderson reprises his role as a now-retired MacGyver running a home repairs business with his daughter, when a last-minute Saturday job to fix a corporate high-rise building's air conditioning turns into a mission to stop criminals selling top-secret military equipment.
Season 1
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