Season 6
21 EPISODES • 1990
Season 6 of MacGyver was released on September 17 and consists of 21 episodes.

Season 5


1: Tough Boys
Sep 17, 1990
MacGyver's pacifist policies are put to the test by a militant youth leader he hooks up with to find out who has been organizing a gang of youthful vigilantes using extreme measures to clean the neighborhood crack problem.
2: Humanity
Sep 24, 1990
MacGyver and Thornton are left to the mercies of a Romanian agent still loyal to his deposed leader Ceausescu after a mission to obtain his secret files is sabotaged.
3: The Gun
Oct 1, 1990
MacGyver searches for a gun used in an assassination twenty years ago and in a present day cop killing to clear a friend.
4: Twenty Questions
Oct 8, 1990
MacGyver tries to help his teenage friend Lisa admit she has a drinking problem, but it takes a brush with the law when she's implicated in a string of home break-ins to really wake her up.
5: The Wall
Oct 22, 1990
MacGyver helps reunite an East German girl with her grandfather in America, unaware that she's been recruited by two bitter former Stasi agents who believe the old man possesses a store of hidden gold.
6: Lesson in Evil
Oct 29, 1990
Dr. Zito returns to menace MacGyver and Murphy when he escapes after his latest sanity hearing, leaving a series of nasty clues designed to give Mac a crash course in evil.
7: Harry's Will
Nov 5, 1990
When Mac tries to claim the station wagon left to him by his late Grandpa Harry, it starts a strange chase that leads him to an ex-con with a dream of running a restaurant, a soup kitchen in need of money, and a gang of crooks out for themselves.
8: MacGyver's Women
Nov 12, 1990
Macgyver's reluctance to commit to a permanent relationship causes him to dream an Old West scenario where he defends three of his lady friends from some ornery outlaws as he drives their wagon cross country.
9: Bitter Harvest
Nov 19, 1990
MacGyver goes undercover to investigate the death of a farm-worker organizer during an investigation of illegal pesticide use.
10: The Visitor
Dec 3, 1990
Mac uncovers an out-of-this-world scam when he investigates some mysterious indentations in a farmer's field.
11: Squeeze Play
Dec 17, 1990
Mac defends a former player's daughter being blackmailed by a baseball memorabilia-counterfeiting ring trading on her father's name.
12: Jerico Games
Jan 7, 1991
Mac is reunited with a high school sweetheart whose husband is a wealthy man sponsoring an international sports competition.
13: The Wasteland
Jan 21, 1991
Mac seeks to stop a shortsighted developer whose latest project will create an environmental ruin and could result in his premature death at the hands of his greedy children.
14: Eye of Osiris
Feb 4, 1991
Mac helps out on an archelogical dig for Alexander the Great's tomb. But the expedition seems to be followed by bad luck. Several incidents nearly causes a shut-down. Then Mac finds clues leading to Alex's tomb. Unfortunally, the accidents are not coincidental, and they meet a very vengeful man who traps them inside the grave...
15: High Control
Feb 11, 1991
Mac tries to help an acquaintance just out of prison stay on the straight and narrow despite the efforts of his old biker gang to blackmail him into rejoining them.
16: There but For the Grace
Feb 18, 1991
Mac feels a personal involvement in the death of a priest who worked among the homeless and takes to the streets himself to find the killer.
17: Blind Faith
Mar 4, 1991
An old sweetheart of Pete Thornton's appeals to him for help when she tries to reveal the atrocities being committed in her Latin American homeland.
18: Faith, Hope & Charity
Mar 18, 1991
Mac finds himself being cared for by two determined ladies running a bed and breakfast in an isolated spot chosen as a drop spot by two murderous mobsters with an untrustworthy partner.
19: Strictly Business
Apr 8, 1991
Murdoc wants to come out of retirement, but his former employers at Homicide International request that he take out MacGyver as a demonstration of his sincere desire to rejoin them.
20: Trail of Tears
Apr 26, 1991
A land dispute over the building an electricity station pits a fanatical Native American, convinced he has been given a mission by his spiritual ancestors, against the power company and MacGyver, who's just as sure that the Indian spirits are opposed to the man's violent plans.
21: Hind-Sight
May 6, 1991
As Pete waits for glaucoma surgery, he and MacGyver reminisce about their past adventures and try to figure out who has been sending some vaguely threatening messages to Pete.
Season 7
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