Season 2
The Batman
13 EPISODES • 2005
Season 2 of The Batman was released on May 14 and consists of 13 episodes.

Season 1


1: The Cat, the Bat and the Very Ugly
May 14, 2005
During a museum robbery, a partnership is formed between Catwoman and Penguin. But when Penguin double-crosses Catwoman before she can double-cross him, she and Batman have to stop Penguin before he unleashes his true plan: harnessing the power of Ra!
2: Riddled
May 21, 2005
A mysterious villain known as the Riddler challenges Yin, secretly helped by Batman, to a number of riddles. Things are not what they seem from the riddles...
3: Fire & Ice
May 28, 2005
Firefly and Mr. Freeze team up to put their devastating plan into action: permanently putting Gotham City in a never-ending winter. Once the policeman's gala charity ball is put on ice, it's all up to the Batman.
4: The Laughing Bat
Jun 4, 2005
The Joker decides to take on the role of "Batman" and doses Bruce with Joker venom to create an arch-rival of his own.
5: Swamped
Jun 11, 2005
Killer Croc, a half-man, half reptile plans to submerge all of Gotham in water in order to facilitate his plundering of the city.
6: Pets
Jun 18, 2005
Penguin discovers a sonic device that allows him to turn Man-Bat into his personal slave. Meanwhile, Alfred must deal with a raccoon which has found its way into the Bat-Cave and is wreaking havoc on the electric equipment.
7: Meltdown
Jun 25, 2005
Ethan Bennett is captured and put on trial for his crimes as Clayface. He's released on probation but he may find the temptations of a criminal life too great.
8: JTV
Jul 9, 2005
Joker pirates the airwaves of Gotham in order to broadcast his crimes on TV as entertainment. When Detective Yin's overzealous new partner tries to bring the clown prince of crime down, he merely becomes Joker's latest "co-star." Batman must find where Joker is broadcasting from before he can carry out his plan to make Gotham die of laughter!
9: Ragdolls to Riches
Jul 16, 2005
Ragdoll, a triple-jointed contortionist, crosses paths with Batman and Catwoman while continuously trying to steal priceless artifacts. Also, Selina Kyle befriends Bruce Wayne ... but what are her intentions?
10: The Butler Did It
Aug 20, 2005
Spellbinder, a three-eyed mystic with the ability to induce both hypnosis and visions employs the servants of the rich to steal the Eye of Sarkana -- including Alfred!
11: Grundy's Night
Aug 27, 2005
Solomon Grundy, a legendary zombie, emerges from a swamp on Halloween to wreak havoc on Gotham. But Batman and Alfred discover that there is more to Grundy than there appears.
12: Strange Minds
Sep 3, 2005
Joker takes Detective Yin hostage, but once captured he refuses to tell of her whereabouts. Convinced it's the only way to learn Yin's location before she meets her demise, Batman uses a device created by Professor Hugo Strange to enter the bizarre brain of the Joker in search of an answer.
13: Night and the City
Sep 10, 2005
Joker, Penguin, and Riddler battle over control of the city, until finally deciding to settle their differences by giving all of Gotham over to whoever is able to capture and discover the true identity of the Batman.
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