Season 3
The Batman
13 EPISODES • 2005
Season 3 of The Batman was released on September 17 and consists of 13 episodes.

Season 2


1: Batgirl Begins (1)
Sep 17, 2005
The story of how the Commissioner's daughter became Batgirl and how her best friend becomes Poision Ivy is told.
2: Batgirl Begins (2)
Sep 24, 2005
Continuing where we left off in the first part, Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl in order to save the commissioner, but does Batman really want a sidekick?
3: A Dark Knight to Remember
Oct 1, 2005
When the Batman takes a blow to the head during a fight with the Penguin, Gotham is left without its defender while an amnesiac Bruce Wayne must consider if he's a coward or not.
4: A Fistful of Felt
Oct 8, 2005
After his most recent crime spree, Arnold Wesker is taken to Arkham and apparently ""cured"" by Dr. Hugo Strange. A new career as a children's entertainer lies before Wesker ... but can he escape the shadow of Scarface?
5: RPM
Nov 5, 2005
A new villain, Gearhead, makes his first appearance robbing a charity race, and Batman soon finds himself forced to upgrade the Batmobile to keep up with the cybernetic bad guy.
6: Brawn
Nov 12, 2005
The Joker is on a rampage when he gets hold of Bane's injection system and turns himself into a rampaging beast.
7: The Laughing Cats
Nov 19, 2005
When a rare Black Siberian Leopard is stolen, Batman and Batgirl suspect Catwoman and go to protect the second Black Siberian Leopard. But what happens when Joker beats them to the punch and brings the cats to Killgore Steed? It's a maze of doom with dangerous creatures. Can Catwoman, Batman, and Batgirl escape, or will they end up on Joker's wall?
8: Fleurs du Mal
Nov 26, 2005
High-ranking Gotham officials begin to embrace environmental causes after the delivery of mysterious plants, and it becomes clear they're under the influence of ... Poison Ivy.
9: Cash For Toys
Feb 4, 2006
When Wayne Industries shuts down Cosmo Krank, a toymaker with a spotty safety record, the demented villain takes revenge by trying to shut down Bruce Wayne - permanently - with his diabolical toys.
10: The Apprentice
Feb 11, 2006
Inspired by the Batman/Batgirl partnership, the Joker decides to recruit his own sidekick and gain a partner in crime.
11: Thunder
Feb 18, 2006
Maximillian Zeus, a millionaire who is also a Greek history fanatic, takes control of Gotham from the sky after losing to Mayor Grange in a re-election.
12: The Icy Depths
May 6, 2006
The Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and Alfred's old school chum are all on the trail of a sunken treasure in Gotham Harbor.
13: Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind
May 13, 2006
Hugo Strange creates a AI database called DAVE (Digitally Advanced Villain Emulator), encoded with the minds of Gotham's greatest criminals, in order to better predict their crimes. However, DAVE breaks free and proclaims himself to be "Gotham's ultimate criminal mastermind".
Season 4
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