Season 1
The Odd Couple
24 EPISODES • 1970
Season 1 of The Odd Couple was released on September 24 and consists of 24 episodes.


1: The Laundry Orgy
Sep 24, 1970
Felix and Oscar try to break up their poker game so that they can go out with the Pigeon sisters.
2: The Fight of the Felix
Oct 1, 1970
A tough hockey player challenges Felix to a boxing match.
3: Felix Gets Sick
Oct 8, 1970
Oscar's date with a stewardess is interrupted by Felix's sickness.
4: The Jury Story
Oct 15, 1970
Oscar and Felix flash back to how they first met, "12 Angry Men" style.
5: The Breakup
Oct 22, 1970
When Oscar throws Felix out of the apartment, he moves in with Murray, then Vinnie, and then the Pigeon sisters.
6: Oscar's Ulcer
Oct 29, 1970
Oscar's ulcer begins to flare up again.
7: I Do, I Don't
Nov 5, 1970
When Felix feels he's responsible for the separation of a young couple on the very day of their wedding he tries to get the stubborn couple back together
8: Oscar the Model
Nov 12, 1970
A monster is created when Felix shucks Oscar into posing for a cologne ad.
9: The Big Brothers
Nov 19, 1970
Oscar and Felix become big brothers to a fatherless boy.
10: It's All Over Now, Baby Bird
Dec 3, 1970
Humorous story about Felix's "dead" parrot.
11: Felix is Missing
Dec 10, 1970
Felix goes missing, and Oscar thinks his buddy is dead.
12: Scrooge Gets an Oscar
Dec 17, 1970
In a parody of A Christmas Carol, Oscar dreams he is haunted by Felix's ghost.
13: The Blackout
Dec 24, 1970
Oscar's poker buddies believe that the eternally-strapped Oscar swiped fifty dollars out of the kitty during a building-wide blackout; Oscar fights to prove his innocence. (Contributor: Pushover Paige)
14: They Use Horseradish, Don't They?
Jan 7, 1971
Felix's determination to win a cooking contest drives Oscar nuts.
15: The Hideaway
Jan 14, 1971
Felix gets angry when an Eskimo quarterback is exploited.
16: Lovers Don't Make House Calls
Jan 29, 1971
Oscar is smitten by Dr. Nancy Cunningham, who is treating Felix's allergies.
17: Engrave Trouble
Feb 5, 1971
A thug helps Felix find a stolen watch.
18: Bunny is Missing Down by the Lake
Feb 12, 1971
A weekend at a mountain cabin proves horrendous.
19: You've Come a Long Way, Baby
Feb 19, 1971
A baby causes one heck of an evening.
20: A Taste of Money
Feb 26, 1971
Oscar and Felix's neighbor might very well be a bank robber.
21: Oscar's New Life
Mar 5, 1971
After being fired from the newspaper, Oscar seeks employment at a girlie magazine.
22: What Makes Felix Run
Mar 12, 1971
Flashback Episode: Oscar helps Felix try to get over his neatness, which includes a flashback to Felix's childhood--a neat one to be exact.
23: What Does a Naked Lady Say to You?
Mar 19, 1971
Oscar and his buddies go to a play featuring Felix's "librarian" girlfriend that bares "the naked truth."
24: Trapped
Mar 26, 1971
In this episode, we find out why Oscar, Felix, and Nancy were arrested.
Season 2
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