Season 2
The Odd Couple
23 EPISODES • 1971
Season 2 of The Odd Couple was released on September 17 and consists of 23 episodes.

Season 1


1: Natural Childbirth
Sep 17, 1971
A pregnant relative shows up at Oscar and Felix's door, and they try to help her through her impending delivery.
2: Felix's Wife's Boyfriend
Sep 24, 1971
Felix returns from a photo shoot, and his jealousy appears at the same time his ex-wife shows up with her boyfriend.
3: Hospital Mates
Oct 1, 1971
Felix is complaining about his nose and decides to get an operation. Oscar is ready to go out with Nancy when he lands on his ankle. Felix and Oscar both end up in the same room at the hospital. Gloria tries to take care of them when they get home.
4: Sleepwalker
Oct 8, 1971
Oscar begins sleepwalking and annoys Felix.
5: A Grave for Felix
Oct 15, 1971
A story about Felix searching for a final resting place.
6: Murray the Fink
Oct 29, 1971
Oscar and Felix are arrested after Murray raids the poker game.
7: Does Your Mother Know You're Out, Rigoletto?
Nov 5, 1971
In Rigoletto, Oscar is the court jester and Felix is the maestro of the production.
8: The Fat Farm
Nov 12, 1971
Oscar and Felix check into a fat farm.
9: The Odd Couple Meet Their Host
Nov 19, 1971
A TV talk show is the setting for the Oscar/Felix sloppy/neat showdown.
10: Win One for Felix
Dec 3, 1971
Felix coaches a youth football team.
11: Being Divorced is Never Having to Say I Do
Dec 10, 1971
Oscar is happy that his ex-wife is remarrying, and there would be no more alimony. But Felix wants to stop the marriage.
12: Surprise, Surprise!
Dec 17, 1971
Oscar chooses between a poker game and a birthday party for Felix's daughter.
13: Felix the Calypso Singer
Dec 24, 1971
Nancy cannot go away with Oscar on their trip, so he talks Felix into joining him. "Oscar, Oscar, Oscar."
14: And Leave the Greyhound to Us?
Dec 31, 1971
Oscar and Felix fight over what to do with a greyhound. Oscar wants to use it as a race dog while Felix wants it as a pet.
15: Security Arms
Jan 7, 1972
Oscar and Felix move into a San Quentin-style building.
16: Speak for Yourself
Jan 14, 1972
Flashback Episode: We look back to the 1950s where young Felix suffers from an epic case of bad nerves and Oscar proposes to Gloria for him.
17: You Saved My Life
Jan 21, 1972
Oscar pulls Felix back into the apartment after he loses his balance while washing the window, and soon regrets his heroism as Felix endeavors to find ways to say "thank you".
18: Where's Grandpa
Jan 28, 1972
While Felix is out of town, his grandfather runs away from the old folks home to the apartment, and proves to Oscar to be just as big a pest as his grandson.
19: Partner's Investment
Feb 4, 1972
Oscar, Felix, and Murray run a Japanese restaurant.
20: Good, Bad Boy
Feb 11, 1972
Felix overreacts when his daughter dates a reform school inmate.
21: A Night to Dismember
Feb 18, 1972
Oscar's separation from his ex-wife seen from three different points of view: from Oscar, from Felix, and from Blanche.
22: Oscar's Promotion
Feb 25, 1972
Oscar gets a big chance to cover a wrestling match between the United States and China.
23: Psychic, Shmycic
Mar 3, 1972
Felix's instinct involves Oscar, a sports banquet, and a murder attempt.
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