Season 3
The Odd Couple
23 EPISODES • 1972
Season 3 of The Odd Couple was released on September 15 and consists of 23 episodes.

Season 2


1: Gloria, Hallelujah
Sep 15, 1972
Computer dating disaster: Oscar gets matched with Felix's ex-wife.
2: Big Mouth
Sep 22, 1972
Oscar and TV sports legend Howard Cosell engage in a tongue-to-tongue showdown.
3: The Princess
Sep 29, 1972
Oscar falls in love with a princess from a very small country whose royal portrait is being shot by Felix.
4: The Pen is Mightier Than the Pencil
Oct 6, 1972
Felix takes a writing course and gives the words "no talent" new meaning.
5: The Odd Monks
Oct 13, 1972
Felix and Oscar join Brother Ralph, a former ad exec who turned his back on the rat race, at the Brotherhood of Life Mission for a retreat of peace and contemplation.
6: I'm Dying of Unger
Oct 20, 1972
Oscar is unable to start writing his book while Felix won't stop cracking his whip.
7: The Odd Couples
Oct 27, 1972
Oscar has a great and unusual idea about how to prevent his mother from knowing about his divorce.
8: Felix's First Commercial
Nov 3, 1972
Felix can direct his first television commercial, if Oscar uses his friendship with Deacon Jones to get the elusive football player to appear in the ad.
9: The First Baby
Nov 10, 1972
Felix suffers from a very unique case of trauma while expecting a child.
10: Oscar's Birthday
Nov 17, 1972
Felix intends on giving Oscar a surprise party -- regardless if he likes it or not.
11: Password
Dec 1, 1972
After meeting Allen Ludden and Betty White at a restaurant where our buddies were having dinner with their dates, Oscar and Felix practice Password at home with their friends, and then try out for the show, where they become contestants, and the hilarity ensues!
12: The Odd Father
Dec 8, 1972
Felix tries to be a pal to his daughter.
13: Don't Believe in Roomers
Dec 22, 1972
A mystery woman makes Oscar and Felix rivals.
14: Sometimes a Great Ocean
Jan 5, 1973
Felix nurses Oscar's ulcer.
15: I Gotta Be Me
Jan 12, 1973
Terminal incompatibility almost throws Felix out.
16: The Ides of April
Jan 19, 1973
The IRS summons Felix.
17: Myrna's Debut
Feb 2, 1973
Oscar's secretary is doomed when she becomes Felix's agent.
18: The Hustler
Feb 9, 1973
There's only one way Felix can get new costumes for his opera group: Oscar has to win the money in a pool game.
19: My Strife in Court
Feb 16, 1973
Felix becomes lawyer to himself and Oscar after they get charged with ticket scalping.
20: Let's Make a Deal
Feb 23, 1973
After Felix gets angry at Oscar for burning his bed, Oscar suggests that they appear as contestants on a New York version of Let's Make a Deal so they can win a bed as a prize. What do they dress as? Front and back ends of a horse! What happens? You'll have to see to believe!
21: The Odyssey Couple
Mar 2, 1973
Oscar lies to his mother and tells her that he has a girl -- and she wants to meet her.
22: Take My Furniture, Please
Mar 9, 1973
After repainting the apartment, Felix gets the redecorating bug and does the entire place over in ultra modern furniture. Oscar can't stand it, and redefines ""bad taste"" in his makeover with furniture from a discount house.
23: The Murray Who Came to Dinner
Mar 23, 1973
Felix and Oscar try to get rid of a depressed house guest.
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