Season 6
The Game
20 EPISODES • 2013
Season 6 of The Game was released on March 26 and consists of 20 episodes.

Season 5


1: The Blueprint
Mar 26, 2013
Season 6 opens with Derwin's life in disarray after he's traded. Elsewhere, top draft pick Bryce "Blue" Westbrook celebrates his acquisition by going to a Malik-hosted party and getting frisky with his childhood crush.
2: The Blueprint 2
Mar 26, 2013
Season 6 opens with Derwin's life in disarray after he's traded. Elsewhere, top draft pick Bryce "Blue" Westbrook celebrates his acquisition by going to a Malik-hosted party and getting frisky with his childhood crush. (Special guest appearances by: Ciara, Raymond Edwards, Jr.) Note: Final Appearance of Pooch Hall as Derwin Davis. Note²: First Appearance of Lauren London as Keira Whitaker and Jay Ellis as Bryce "Blue" Westbrook.
3: We've Gotta Stop Meeting Like This
Apr 2, 2013
Tasha takes steps to prove to Pookie that she’s dedicated to him while simultaneously struggling with her attraction to Rick. Meanwhile, Keira and Blue address the aftermath of their New York encounter after constantly running into each other in San Diego.
4: Getting To Know All A Butt You
Apr 9, 2013
In an attempt to expand his empire beyond football, Malik seeks out an investor for his new business venture. Meanwhile, after having brunch with Brittany, Jason and Chardonnay begin to question how well they really know one another when information they never knew about each other is revealed. Tasha bribes Chardonnay with designer clothes and accessories in an attempt to prevent her from discussing the Rick Fox kiss with anyone.
5: Trashbox
Apr 16, 2013
Keira bids a lot of money on a date with Blue at a charity auction in order to maintain her high-profile image, resulting in a confession that her income isn’t as expendable as it used to be. Meanwhile, per Chardonnay’s advice, Tasha decides to continue her affair with Rick after realizing she is in love with both him and Pookie.
6: Guess Who's Bizzack
Apr 23, 2013
When Blue struggles at training camp, Jason takes to the field to show him how it’s done, winning praise from Malik, who tries to convince his former teammate to re-sign with the Sabers. Meanwhile, after a persuasive visit from Tasha, Keira goes to Blue and offers to represent him in the Sunbeams.
7: Welcome To The Jungle
Apr 30, 2013
Keira and Chardonnay receive a less than warm welcome when they are initiated into the Sunbeams. Meanwhile, Blue struggles with fitting in while at Sabers training camp when a prank war between him and Malik goes too far.
8: How To Lose All Your Phat In One Day
May 7, 2013
Malik throws a party hoping to land investors for his latest business venture, only to meet an heiress/business woman, who forces him to re-evaluate his entire business approach and plan. Meanwhile, Tasha’s love triangle becomes further complicated when both Pookie and Rick show up to Malik’s investment party, forcing Chardonnay to become involved on Tasha’s behalf. Finally, Keira and Blue indulge in a fun drinking game to make light of the fact that partygoers assume that they are a couple.
9: Blank Canvases
May 14, 2013
Blue helps Keira prepare for an audition, resulting in an intimate “first” moment for the couple. Meanwhile, after Tasha tells Rick her intentions to break things off with Pookie, she is caught off guard by an impromptu proposal instead.
10: The Preseason Game Episode
May 21, 2013
Blue struggles with his feelings after learning that Keira was a virgin before she slept with him. Meanwhile, Jason’s suspicions of Chardonnay cheating with Rick comes to a head, resulting in a huge confrontation between Tasha, Jason, Chardonnay and Pookie.
11: The Busted Episode
Jul 2, 2013
Tasha attempts to salvage her friendship with Pookie after it is revealed she has been cheating on him with Rick. Meanwhile, Jason and Chardonnay have it out over her involvement in Tasha’s love triangle. Finally, Keira and Blue each share their side of the break-up with Malik (at different times), while patronizing Drop Bar.
12: I'm Not Kelly Pitts
Jul 9, 2013
Chardonnay keeps her friendship with Tasha a secret. Meanwhile, Keira tries to talk to Blue.
13: I Love Luke…AHH!
Jul 16, 2013
Blue tries to sabotage Keira's new relationship. Meanwhile, Malik's past comes back to haunt him, and Chardonnay struggles to deal with Jason's gridiron injury.
14: Photo-Shoot Fresh
Jul 23, 2013
Malik enlists his friends to appear in a promotional campaign, but an accusation derails his plans. Elsewhere, events run smoothly for Rick, to Tasha's chagrin; Blue sets out to beat Keira in the dating game; and an injury impacts Jason's life.
15: Psh!! I'm Good!!
Jul 30, 2013
Malik helps Blue get over Keira the only way Malik knows how; things between Jason and Chardonnay come to a head.
16: A Swan Song For Rick And Tasha…
Aug 6, 2013
Rick and Tasha’s relationship reaches a fork in the road; Blue struggles with game performance.
17: Miss Me A Little When I'm Gone
Aug 13, 2013
Malik finds himself caught between Tori and Reece; Keira is shocked when the intervention she staged for Blue doesn't quite go as planned.
18: In Treatment
Aug 20, 2013
Tasha spends an entire day in therapy, in an effort to get to the root of her relationship issues. During therapy, Malik is forced to tell Tasha why he thinks her relationships fail.
19: Extra Butter…Extra Salt…
Aug 27, 2013
Blue becomes suspicious of Keira’s brief relationship with Luke, and their relationship is tested when he finds out she wasn’t honest about sleeping with her co-star. Meanwhile, Tasha goes on an apology tour and takes the final steps in getting closure. Jason and Chardonnay remain at odds over him not wanting to give up football. Finally, Malik reunites with Tee Tee, both personally and professionally, but suffers a devastating blow when Franko shows up and causes problems.
20: The Hospital Episode
Sep 3, 2013
Malik is severely beaten by Franko and his crew, and everyone awaits word of his fate. As they hold a vigil at the hospital, Blue and Keira contemplate the next steps in their relationship. After realizing he is a difficult husband, Jason attempts to make amends with Chardonnay by writing an apology letter to Kelly. Finally, Tasha and Walter arrive at the hospital in time to hear the news of Malik’s prognosis.
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