Season 9
The Game
10 EPISODES • 2015
Season 9 of The Game was released on June 3 and consists of 10 episodes.

Season 8


1: The Kiss Fallout Episode
Jun 3, 2015
In the Season 9 premiere, Blue starts a brawl when he finds Keira and Malik together—and the ruckus us caught by a surveillance camera. In other events, Chardonnay tries to expose Jason's steroid use.
2: The Spin Control Episode
Jun 10, 2015
3: The Dead Episode
Jun 17, 2015
Jason attempts to facilitate a peace meeting between Blue and Malik. Malik tries to track down Keira to apologize. Tasha deals with a life-altering family crisis when her father..
4: Dust in the Wind
Jun 24, 2015
5: Hashtag My Bad
Jul 1, 2015
Keira confronts Malik; and People Magazine writes an article about Tasha, but it doesn't go as planned due to a controversial statement made by Roger Keith.
6: Get Up, Stand Up
Jul 8, 2015
The walkout crisis comes to a head; Kelly and Jason hold a meeting to rally supporters; and Keira and Malik encounter their past while out on a date.
7: Clip It... Clip It Good
Jul 15, 2015
While working late with Blue, Jason recalls memorable moments from the past nine years.
8: The Crying Game
Jul 22, 2015
9: What More Can I Say?
Jul 29, 2015
10: Pow Pow Pow!
Aug 5, 2015
In the series finale, Pookie accidentally shoots Rick Fox, who bonds with Chardonnay when she drives him to the hospital. In other events, Malik leads the Sabers to a comeback win, which sends them to the playoffs; Kelly and Jason go to the mat with Herbie Lesser in an effort to save Jason's job; Malik proposes to Keira; Chardonnay wakes up in Las Vegas; and Tasha has a happy ending.
Season 10
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